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Price Increase for M6 Toll Road

The M6 toll motorway opened in 2003 at a cost of 900 million, it links Staffordshire to Warwickshire and is used by roughly 50,000 vehicles each day. The privately funded road has recently announced an increase in toll charges for all vehicles from July 12th, 2019.

Monday to Friday peak time journeys between 7am and 7pm will increase by 30p to £6.70 for new and used cars, 50p to £11.80 for vans and 50p to £12.00 for lorries.

M6 toll road newsOperator Midlands Expressways Limited (MEL) chief executive Andy Cliffe said the changes will “maximise the positive impact of the M6 Toll across the Midlands and beyond”. He added, “We remain committed to increasing the volume of HGV traffic using the M6 Toll in preference to the M6 or local roads and ensure that our incentives for new HGV customers and pricing deals for commercial operators are innovative and attractive.”

MEL has also introduced a new off-peak pricing structure for its road users between 5am and 7am, and 7pm and 11pm. Travellers using the M6 motorway toll road by new and used cars will pay £6.60, the cost for van drivers £11.60 and lorry drivers £11.90. Whilst the 11pm and 5am cheaper night rate will cost £4.20 for cars, £9.00 for vans and £9.10 for lorries. There will also be the introduction of shuttle and return passes, these will offer regular users of the motorway toll road discounts of around 35 per cent.

A number of groups within the Motor Trade have questioned the five per cent toll road increase at more than double the current rate of UK inflation. The Road Haulage Association said, “Any increase in toll charges is unwelcome for the hard-pressed heavy haulage trade struggling with clean air zone charging and tight profit margins. ”

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Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation said, “For those willing to fork out, the M6 Toll offers 27 miles of free-flowing respite from the congestion on other routes, but given the volumes of traffic in this part of the world, it is hard to see why a better outcome for more drivers couldn’t be achieved by integrating it, toll-free, into the Highways England network.”

This feels like another blow to all UK motorists with the continuous daily tax and price increases to use our vehicles on the public highway. It’s another expense to add to the long list of recent fuel, emission, congestion, Insurance policies and premium tax charges.

Travelling by public transport is looking more attractive and cost effective by the day!