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The Pros of Buying from a Used Car Dealer

We’ve all dreamed about taking an impulsive turn onto the dealership forecourt and handing over a suitcase of money to buy that brand new green Jag, maybe the yellow Lamborghini, or even a black Range Rover. Unfortunately, not all of us have that kind of money sitting around. So, until that lucky lottery ticket provides the opportunity to test drive the top of the range new car on freshly fitted trade plates, what about a used car…

New Cars for 2018Buying a new car from a Motor Trade dealership can offer a whole range of reassuring benefits, and the same can be said for buying from a used car broker. Here are some pros for buying a second-hand car.

One of the most immediately obvious advantages to shopping around online is the wealth of choice available. Private car sales in your local area mean you can make flexible appointments to suit you as oppose to going to car dealership which have closing times.

Another advantage is the discounts you’ll likely receive off the purchase price. Dealers tend to offer good deals on used cars, with room for negotiation on what you might expect to pay. It’s not just the money off either, with or without asking they may also throw in some perks, like MOTs, servicing, car accessories, temporary insurance policy and a warranty.

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If you haven’t got time to privately sell your old car, buying through a dealer you may be able to do a part-exchange will be a speedy solution, and take a reasonable chunk off the purchase price of your new replacement model.

It’s always worth getting a professional to give your potential purchase the once over, but the chances are it will have had all the professional checks to ensure it’s in good safe condition.

There you have it, there are some excellent advantages to buying through a used car dealer.