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Protecting The Rarity Of Low-Mileage Used Cars

Do you have a four-to-five year old car on your forecourt that does 55mpg? It’s potentially the rarest and most valuable vehicle in your possession.

Such high-value items are fast becoming a rarity as savvy second-hand dealers adapt to Britain’s change in motoring taste – efficiency.

Used cars

With fuel prices guzzling higher and higher, drivers in the UK are looking to save money in every way; whether it’s a supermarket discount or a vehicle ‘downgrade’, moneysaving opportunities are being snapped up wherever possible.

So, do you have a steady supply of the car spec everybody is looking for? If you do, guard it with your life and sell at max value.

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Any young, low-mileage cars which are sold, are becoming more and more challenging to replenish. Which is why traders insurance has become so critical for the stock you have onsite. Get a new protection policy, one that is customisable and arranged by a broker – this is your opportunity to save money as an auto trader:

• Outline your typical stock type and value to your broker
• Provide the ins and outs of your day-to-day business
• Ask to include protection for anything ‘extra’ on your mind (i.e. cash left onsite)
• The broker will remove any features which are inapplicable to your business
• Your quote will be based entirely on this customised package – the broker goes out and gets it for you

Brokers work on your behalf and according to your budgets. With professional guidance, you will always get the best cover for the best price…and you leave all the hard work to the experts.
Now is the time to invest…

During April, used car values actually lowered – 7% below March’s average monthly value, but still more than 15% higher YOY. So, right now is the time to buy such valuable stock and take advantage of this time of year, when new models are introduced.

Going forward, well-maintained used cars are predicted to uphold their value and despite the recent cuts in fuel prices, the cost of running certain vehicles is still too high. The trend to buy low-mileage motors will no doubt continue and the availability of such motors will continue to decline as result.

So the key message here is invest while the values have dipped, protect your stock with the best motor trade insurance possible and look to sell your prized units for the ecological value they’re worth.

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