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Seasonal Driving Tips

With the festive holidays now in full swing, it’s important all us motorists keep a close eye on our driving habits, these next few months can be especially treacherous for drivers.

Jump Starting a car

With wintry roads waiting, it’s essential to be extra cautious when you get behind the wheel, driving incidents and accidents can happen in all new or used vehicles, whether purchased privately, or from a motor trade car showroom. In this article we look at a few tips to help ensure you arrive safely at your destination throughout every season of the year.

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1. Check Tyre Pressure.
Make sure the correct tyre inflation for winter is in place on your vehicle, this provides better road traction on snow and ice. All vehicles will have a sticker showing what the tyre pressure should be, usually found on the inside of the driver’s side door jamb.

2. Service Your Vehicle
Winter driving can wear out parts of your car just as much as everyday driving, but you might not be aware of it until it goes wrong! Have your brakes inspected by a professional motor mechanic before hitting the road – many problems that lead to accidents occur because of neglecting vehicle parts like the brakes and tyres.

3. Keep Basic Supplies in You’re the Car
It’s a good idea to have some extra essentials in your boot just in case you get stuck out on the road. Some items that might come in handy include Jump start cables, tyre inflator with pressure gauge, flashlight with extra batteries, sand for traction, plastic shovel, ice scraper and reflectors.

4. Slow Down
Especially in bad weather, it’s important to drive at a speed that allows you to safely react to any situation. This means avoiding hard braking and accelerating; leave plenty of room between your car and the one in front of you.


1. Wear Sunscreen
Even when you’re driving, the sun can sneak in through your windows and cause a nasty sunburn. Make sure to apply sunscreen liberally before hitting the road – and don’t forget to reapply it often!

2. Beware of the Heat
The summer months can be unbearably hot, especially sitting in a vehicle. Make sure to open windows to allow air in and take breaks often and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

3. Beware of Insects
In the summer, bugs can become a nuisance to drivers. Keep your windscreen wipers and headlights clean, you can also use a washer fluid that contains bug repellent. If an insect does get in your car, don’t try to swat it while driving, open a window and let it fly out on its own!


1. Check Your Brakes
As the temperatures start to drop check your brakes for any problems. Warmer weather can lead to a condition called “brake fade” and brakes may not work as well because of high temperatures. Have the brakes inspected by a professional motor trade mechanic to be sure they’re working properly.

2. Beware of Leaves
Autumn is leaf season, which can mean slippery roads! Make sure you drive slowly in areas where there are a build-0up of leaves on the ground, always remember to brake gently in leaves.

To summarise, no matter what the season and whether you have private, or a motor trade insurance policy cover, it’s important to be aware of all the potential dangers while driving. Following a few simple steps and the highway code will make both your own, and other road users commute all the safer, no matter what time of year!

Drive safe.