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Should I do a Speed Awareness Course?

Speeding fines, points and insurance policy premiums go hand-in-hand; if you receive the first two, your premium will rise. The National Speed Awareness Scheme, contrary to common belief, is not operated by the police, however, they do appoint a member of the Association of National Driver Improvement Course Providers, (ANDISP), to deliver the courses in their particular area. If you are a regular speeding offender, you may be offered the chance to take the Speed Awareness Course rather than be issued with penalty points, and, although the course costs around £100, it will avoid any additions to your licence.

Learn about the dangers of speeding

Angry Speeding DriverThe course is excellent, regardless of whether you have been convicted of speeding or not; it will teach you about the perils of driving too fast, not just for yourself but others too. Depending on what part of the country you live in, the format, content and cost may vary, however, they all meet stringent requirements. You will find it an extremely beneficial programme, which takes approximately four hours, and is available throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. The course is for all, regardless of whether you are driving new and used cars, vans or heavy goods vehicles, and, indeed, many people working in the motor trade like to enrol as they will be driving customers’ cars.

Why is it better to take a speed awareness course than pay the fine?

Although the fine may be slightly cheaper than the course, it will also come with three points on your licence. As speeding convictions last for four years, if you are a continuous offender you will quickly reach the 12-point maximum, resulting in disqualification; simply by accepting the Speed Awareness Course, the points will not be added to your licence. Insurance providers will also demand a significant increase in your premium, you could even find it difficult to get insured. If you are taking the course for educational purposes, or perhaps considering a job within the motor trade, it will teach you how to drive safely within the speed limits. It is not a test, you cannot fail, you simply must attend, listen and learn.

What will the Speed Awareness Course teach you?

Becoming a better, safer driver is always a plus, especially as speeding is one of the most common causes of fatal accidents. This course will make you realise just how senseless speeding is, other benefits include:
Opening your eyes to the dangers of speeding, whether in a built-up area or on a motorway
You will be invited to interact during the course and never criticised or patronised
Fun quizzes are held to encourage learning
You will increase your knowledge of safe driving and how to build on and implement your new-found skills
Your awareness will increase as to the many obstacles and dangers present on today’s busy roads
Most people attending the course will not have had any further driver training since before taking their theory test, it acts as a great refresher programme. As many will attest to, attendance provides, not just a wake-up call, but also a few fun and sociable hours.

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Notifying your insurance company about a speeding penalty

Another huge advantage of taking the Speed Awareness Course is that, in the event of receiving a penalty ticket and, subsequently, attending the course, there will be no need to notify your insurer. The reason for this is that your penalty notice will be annulled. However, some insurers do ask whether you have ever been obliged, by law, to attend – in this case, you would have to declare it, resulting in a possible, slight increase in your insurance policy cost.