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The Great British Car Quiz!

Think you’re an expert when it comes to British cars and the UK motor industry? Then take our quick quiz and prove it! If you need help, the answers are at the bottom – good luck!

Quiz test

1. In the 1970’s, the Ford Escort was one of the most popular cars on Britain’s roads. To compete and reclaim some of the market, Hillman produced which four door saloon?

A)         Super Minx

B)         Hunter

C)         Avenger

D)         Wizard

2. Although the Ford Escort was incredibly popular, it wasn’t the best-selling family saloon of the 1970’s. Which of the following was?

A)         Ford Cortina

B)         Austin Maestro

C)         Vauxhall Chevette

D)         Triumph Acclaim

3. Land Rover was one of the first manufacturers to offer Britain’s drivers a vehicle suitable for off-road and everyday use. Was it the…

A)         Defender

B)         Discovery

C)         Range Rover Sport

D)         Freelander

4. Which manufacturer was responsible for bringing three-wheeled cars to Britain’s roads and the set of Only Fools and Horses?

A)         Caterham

B)         Lotus

C)         Hillman

D)         Reliant

5. Vauxhall Motors launched a small car to compete with the popular Ford Anglia in the 1960’s. Which of the following was it?

A)         Viva

B)         Cresta

C)         Wyvern

D)         Cadet

6. The ornament on the bonnet of a Rolls Royce is called…

A)         The Flying Angel

B)         The Winged Woman

C)         Spirit of Ecstasy

D)         The Flying Lady

7. David Beckham has his pick of vehicles now, but his very first car was a…

A)         Robin Reliant

B)         Ford Escort

C)         Vauxhall Astra

D)         Austin Metro

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8. The City of London’s ‘Congestion Charge’ was introduced in which year?

A)         2000

B)         2001

C)         2002

D)         2003

9. In what year did car insurance become mandatory for drivers in the UK?

A)         1930

B)         1931

C)         1932

D)         1933

10. Which classic British car was able to fly in the Harry Potter movies?

A)         Ford Prefect

B)         Ford Anglia

C)         Riley Elf

D)         Morris Minor


1. C – Avenger, 2. A – Ford Cortina, 3. D – Freelander , 4. D – Reliant, 5. A – Viva, 6. C – Spirit of Ecstasy, 7. B – Ford Escort, 8. C – 2002, 9. A – 1930, 10. B – Ford Anglia

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