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The Price of Fuelling a Vehicle

At times, it can feel like owning a car is hard on the pocket, the expense of annual private, and motor trade insurance policies, vehicle tax (VED), ongoing maintenance, and of course – the fuel tank.

Fuel prices

In a recent poll commissioned by EDF energy, it’s estimated that drivers will spend over £55,000 fuelling their vehicle during a lifetime, a big reason why many motorists are considering switching over to electric, which is reported by some money saving experts to save the average driver over £40,000 across their lifetime.

Seven out of 10 vehicle owners said they expected to own an electric car at some point in their life, while a quarter said hopefully within the next five years, which is great news for motor trade dealers and car sales in general.

Over 80% of the drivers polled said the cost of diesel and petrol was far too expensive, and some drivers said that the price of fuelling their vehicle prevented them from driving to certain destinations.

They were also prepared to travel further afield to fill up the tank with cheaper fuel.

A quarter of all drivers polled have actually reduced the number of miles they drive over concerns of poor air quality and global warming, while just under 70 per cent said they were worried about vehicle emissions in general.

The Managing Director of customers for EDF Energy, Béatrice Bigois, said: “Many of us aspire to owning an electric vehicle. This research shows that not only will electric cars help motorists save money on their fuel costs, electric vehicles will help more people do more of the things they want to like exploring more of the UK – all while helping the environment by reducing emissions. For this vision to become reality for more drivers, we have to make the decision as easy and attractive as possible for our customers.”

The price of fuel increases and decreases quite regularly for all sorts reasons, sometimes by only a small margin.

So, it’s important to research if you want to stay aware of the current fuel price, this way you will have a rough cost in mind when it comes to filling up.

Fuel Saving Tips

All motorists want to reduce their fuel cost and carbon footprint, so the longer our fuel lasts, the more money we save while also playing our part in climate change.

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There are lots of things we can do to make our fuel last longer and vehicles travel further.

For example, remove any unnecessary luggage from your vehicle, the heavier it is, the more fuel you will use.

Check tyre pressure frequently, driving on under-inflated tyres also increases the amount of fuel we use.

Air conditioning increases fuel consumption so only use it when you really need it. Stick to speed limits, travelling at 80mph can use up to 25% more fuel than driving at 75mph.

Finally, plan your route in advance, getting lost causes stress and unnecessary road mileage.

Try and do one long trip rather than lots of shorter journeys, a warmer engine is better for efficiency rather than starting, stopping, and then restarting again.

Safe travels.