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UK Driving Test Overhaul December 2017 – What You Need to Know

We are very aware within the motor trade industry about the planned changes to the current driving test requirements, from December 4, 2017, there will be a new driving test in England, Scotland and Wales. The reason for the introduction of the new test is that it is deemed to be more relevant to today’s modern driving needs. For example, the new driving test will include asking drivers to use a Sat-Nav to navigate a planned route. There are four major changes to the test released by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

L PlatesNo changes have been made regarding the theory test.

Independent driving time increased

The independent part of the driving test is at present ten minutes. From 4th December that time will increase by ten minutes, to twenty minutes. This will now account for roughly half the driving test time. This part of the test involves no verbal instructions given from the driving test instructor.

Using a Sat Nav

As part of the new independent driving test time allocation, you will most probably be asked to follow the directions given via a Sat Nav. The driving test instructor will already have set the route up for you, so you don’t need to do this part. If a Sat Nav is not incorporated into the test, the you will be asked by your instructor to follow road and traffic signs.

Change to manoeuvring the car

For as long as we can remember, drivers have been asked to reverse round corners and ‘turn’ during their test. These are no longer part of the test. Instead three different manoeuvres have been added to the test. These include: Parallel parking; reversing into a bay; and pulling the car up onto the right side of a road followed by reversing the car and then re-joining the stream of traffic.

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Answering safety questions while driving

Your driving test instructor will now need to ask you two ‘safety’ based questions while you are driving. You will be asked the question before the test begins and then once again while driving, so that you can ‘show’ the test instructor your answer. The question can be on any ‘safety’ topic. The idea behind this change, is that as a driver you can put safety theory into practice.

When you are successful in passing your driving test and start looking at new and used cars from a motor trader, be sure there is valid insurance. The seller may have demonstration cover allowing potential buyers to test drive. The vehicle may even have a trade plate attached.

If you are about to take your test we wish you the very best of luck!