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UK Electric Vehicle Uptake by Region

The UK has seen a rise in the use of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in the last decade. By the end of 2020 there were an additional 30,000 vehicles sold, which is a 53% increase compared to the previous year. Two locations, London and South East had a third of the total number of electric cars within the UK based on data from RAC analysis government data.

UK Regions for EV uptake

By the final third quarter of 2020, up to 86,387 electric vehicles were registered by companies within the UK. The popularity of using EVs increases year on year.

This is promising for the EV motor trade dealers in the UK and even opens doors to the second-hand EV market too. Privately owned electric vehicles are increasing even more, with London’s local authority areas having more than the whole country combined.

The highest area with licensed electric vehicles is Barnet, Hertfordshire, with up to 1,235 vehicles registered under the same name. Wiltshire comes in second with 1,075, with Westminster following at 919 registered vehicles.

Cornwell comes in next with 899 vehicles and is then followed by Camden, which has 781 EVs. The localities of Merthyr Tydfil and Blaenau Gwent in South Wales have the lowest number of electric vehicles, but this number is still growing.

The reason for the rapid growth of EVs, especially within the areas in London, is evident, as numbers doubled from 2019 to 2020, following increasing economic growth in and outside the capital.

This is why even Cumbria, Sussex, South Wales, and Derbyshire have started to record high numbers of registered EVs.

Slow growth is mainly experiencing in the areas such as Northern Ireland, Armagh, which has seen sales of only 10 EVS within the last year, making the total registered number of vehicles to 137.

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Sunderland and Gateshead are also part of the slow growth, both located in England’s North East.

Motor trade insurance companies have different insurance policies for vehicles registered as EVs, whether it is for new or used vehicles. The insurance policy package is affordable and covers for just about any liability you may encounter during the contract.

Motor trade shows are the best way to get to have hands-on experience on what electric vehicles truly offer in terms of benefits, which are not only financial, but environmental as well.

In conclusion, switching to electric vehicles is a great way to be part of the positive climate change, the use of electric vehicles seems like the way to go in the future as more countries embrace the shift towards cleaner energy.

With the annual fuel costs rising and electric vehicles becoming cheaper to run and maintain, the movement is bound to continue in the UK and all over the world eventually.