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UK Trials Wireless Electric Car Chargers

A trial of electric vehicle induction pads which enable wireless charging points are to be trialled on roads, car parks and taxi ranks throughout London, the Midlands and Scotland. If the trial is seen as a success, electric new and used cars could be wirelessly charging on UK roads by spring 2020.

wireless parking chargerThe UK company behind the technology, Connected Kerb, said the wireless piece of kit will put the country at the forefront of electric vehicle charging.

Existing vehicles can be fitted with the new technology, whist new models can be built with the technology included. Car drivers just simply need to park up over the electromagnetic pads installed underground to recharge their vehicle.

Chief executive Chris Pateman-Janes said “vehicle manufacturers are increasingly including induction charging technology in their new models, but at present there are only a handful of induction-enabled electric vehicle charge points available.

We aim to change that.” Connected Kerb believe electric motor vehicle charging will become the norm to drivers as, “it’s more convenient and even more simple.” The chief executive also believes the new technology adds even more benefits.

For example, “induction opens electric vehicles to disabled people, who are currently excluded from EVs by trailing cables and accessibility. Longer term, induction charging will be the path to electrification of all parking bays without the street furniture and cable clutter that dominates EV charge point technology today.”

With more and more consumer and government focus firmly on climate change and reducing emissions, local councils have found themselves under increasing pressure to install more charging points to meet the demand of suppliers and drivers of electric vehicles.

The new induction pads could also out last more traditional plug-in charge points, because these are generally open to the natural elements, possible vandalism and misuse.

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When purchasing a new or old vehicle, drivers will generally consider the expense of road tax, an insurance policy and fuel type, but the question is whether wireless charging alone would be enough to encourage more drivers to switch to buying an electric vehicle.

At present even though electric vehicle sales continue to grow, consumers remain concerned with the distance an electric car can travel without needing to recharge, especially with the lack of charging points available to reach a destination safely.

When comparing the cost of running different vehicles, a recent fuel study revealed electric cars travel furthest on just £5 worth of fuel, an EV travelled 102 miles compared to a diesel vehicle which managed just over 56 miles, which led to debates amongst motor trade experts as to whether these ranges could lead to a surge in electric vehicle sales.