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What Categories Fall Into ‘The Motor Trade’?

Motor traders require specialist cover, but it’s not always obvious whether or not a business falls into the motor trade category. Make sure you have the correct cover for your business, or you could find yourself unprotected in the event of a claim.

Car showroom

The first thing that comes to mind when the motor trade is mentioned is probably buying and selling vehicles. What you may not realise is that car dealerships can be anything from a branded showroom or a vast out of town site buying and selling used cars by the hundreds to a small, occasional trade that takes place at your home.

Vehicle repair is one of the biggest categories in the motor trade sector, with a huge annual turnover. Again, motor trade cover is required for large commercial garages and part time, backyard businesses alike.

Motor mechanics who offer general repairs and servicing as well as specialists like tyre fitters or exhaust fitters, vehicle electricians and windscreen repair or replacement firms all need motor trade insurance in order to be covered while they operate.

The same rule applies when the work done on a vehicle is purely cosmetic, for instance upholstery repairs or upgrades, resprays, custom paint work, and other jobs such as window tinting. You’ll also need industry cover if you run a car wash or valeting services.

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You’ll need to be covered if you are handling or transporting other people’s vehicles, not just if you work on them. This applies to driving and towing, for instance as a breakdown vehicle operator. Garages and parking facilities where vehicles are stored in the short or long term also require motor trade level cover.

If vehicles come into your care as part of your job, whether for sales, maintenance and repairs, or transport, you will need motor trade insurance.

This applies to trade vehicles, if you operate in a business to business capacity, as well as privately owned cars and vans. Don’t forget to insure any car, van, or other vehicle you use for transport in relation to your job, too.