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What Is The Best Fuel Type For My Car?

The motor trade industry can be a confusing one and even more so when it comes to choosing a car based on the best type of fuel to use. There is just so much choice out there and different fuels will suit different lifestyles. Your preferred choice of fuel will also have an impact when you choose to browse new and used cars with the intent of buying one, based on fuel economy and efficiency.

Below we explore the fuel types of diesel, petrol and electric. Which will be the right one for you?

Petrol PumpsPetrol

One of the major benefits to using petrol is that it is considerably cheaper than diesel, although the price gap seems to be closing.

It would also appear that the motor trade sell diesel cars at a much higher price to those that run on petrol. But the cost of buying a car and its associated fuel price is only one piece of the puzzle.

There are always other factors to consider when buying new and used cars, such as the associated cost of an insurance policy and tax.

As a motorist, what you need to know is that as a petrol driver you will receive toll rebates and even tax rebates if you drive in the larger cities.


Within the motor trade it is widely believed that motorists who drive long commutes and who cover a lot of mileage generally tend to opt for the diesel car.

Diesel cars are more fuel efficient and so therefore it makes perfect sense, that if you are commuting long hours on a regular basis, that the diesel car is far more economical to run.

One downfall is that motorists usually pay a higher insurance policy rate. Experts believe that this insurance may cost as much as 15 percent more than the petrol driver. But this is counter-balanced with the cheaper cost of running the car.

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Electric VehiclesElectric

On a final note we have to talk about the electric car. Although we don’t see as many on the market, they are on the increase and is far the cheapest type of fuel to run.

However, although the maintenance and upkeep is fairly cheap, they are incredibly expensive to buy, even as a used car.

To entice people to buy this type of car and especially in central London where traffic congestions is high, the government do offer an electric car grant scheme, in which you can receive up to £5,000 towards the cost of the car.

Of course the electric car is not suitable for long commutes, but if you only drive for short distances and are based in an inner city, then the electric car is a great choice.

So petrol, diesel or the electric car? What is right for you? Carefully consider your budget, running costs and how much you will need to pay for insurance before you make your final decision.