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Where Will My Vehicles Get Coverage On A Motor Trade Road Risks Policy?

Your vehicles will be covered for damage or loss if on the road or parked for the duration of a journey/at the home address of either the policyholder or business partner, however, the majority of road risk insurance companies may exclude cover on or within 400 metres/1 kilometre radius or any motor trade premises.

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Most insurers will not pay unless in the course of a journey, so it is important to check your insurance policy in full detail just in case. In relation to whether or not coverage can be provided for vehicles maintained at your motor trade business address, this can be done – but there are a variety of factors to consider.

For example, many of the motor trade insurers dealt with can amend the road risks policy to feature stock of vehicles for fire and theft cover at the motor trade premises. But if you wish to add more coverage than just fire and theft then a quote can be provided for a motor trade combined policy to also include contents and liabilities.

Can I be covered to drive in relation to another business unrelated to the motor trade?

It depends on the occupation, but the policy can accommodate other business operations. Inform your advisor accordingly upon requesting a quote, and they will bear this in mind when deciding which insurance policy best meets your needs.

What occupations do you provide coverage for?

Most insurers will cover for a wide range of jobs, including:

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