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Who Can Drive Motor Trade Insured Cars?

To legally drive any vehicle on the UK public highway, you are required to have road risks insurance – and even test driving a vehicle over 100 yards, it is mandatory to have a policy.

Unicom are award winning trade insurers again.

With motor trader insurance, your road risks policy will provide coverage to yourself and your workers – allowing both parties to drive business-associated vehicles only; comprising customer cars as well as any personal vehicles as detailed in the policy.

However, it is completely up to your personal preferences. Some policies offer just “named drivers”, while others will provide coverage to anyone you choose – from relatives to friends. But please note, the more drivers you wish to name then the more likely your premium is to increase.

Can I drive my vehicles for private use?

Most motor trade insurance agents will permit you to drive certain cars for social purposes, but if you were to exclude this you would then be able to lower the premium.

Which vehicles are covered?

Virtually any vehicle can receive coverage, but the more unconventional or expensive cars will usually need specialist covers – resulting in possible increased premiums. Regarding where the vehicles are covered, the motor trade road risks policy will cover for damage or loss on a road or parked for the duration of a journey as well as the home address of the policy holder.

The majority of road risk insurers do not include coverage on or within a 400 metre radius of any separate motor trade premises.

What should I be careful of?

Ensure you check for the following:

  • Vehicle and driver use. Always check what the coverage is for any additional drivers on your policy, as some drivers can be limited to business or social usage only.
  • International driving. Depending on the insurance company, some may not permit you to take a vehicle out of the country if it is associated with your motor trade occupation – but if in doubt, liaise with your insurer.
  • Vehicle constraints. Double check the vehicle restrictions on a motor trade insurance policy.
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The advantages of Road Risk Insurance

Here at Unicom Insurance, we can organise a comprehensive road risks package designed especially around your needs and deliver the best quote within one working day:

  • Universal policy for all drivers and vehicles
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  • Option to include personal cars.

You also have the option to tailor your package by adding on extra features and request a combined policy.