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Who can Drive the Vehicles on Your Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

Taking out a motor trade insurance policy doesn’t necessarily mean your vehicles are insured for anyone to drive them. Whatever type of business you run, rules and restrictions apply so speaking to your specialist insurance advisor will ensure you have the right level of insurance for whoever needs to drive your vehicle.

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Named Drivers

Whether you work at a repair garage, a valeting service or a car dealership, the same rule applies: you must be a named driver to drive one of the vehicles on the policy. If you are not a named driver on the policy and you need to make a claim, you simply won’t be insured.

Some policies are more flexible than others but to be absolutely sure whether non-named drivers can drive your vehicles, it is best to speak to your insurance advisor.

Demonstration cover

If you run a car dealership or showroom, it’s likely you offer test drives for potential customers. However, before you let a customer get behind the wheel, you must ensure you have sufficient insurance to protect you, them and your vehicle in case of an accident.

Usually the only conditions are that the person test-driving the car has a full, valid licence and one of the named drivers on the policy will be required to accompany them. Get the insurance right and being able to offer vehicle demonstrations can significantly enhance your business.

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Young Drivers

Young drivers are often considered a higher risk on the roads than older drivers and can mean they are the hardest hit by high insurance costs. As a result it can be difficult to find a policy that will cover drivers under the age of 25.

However, some insurance brokers like Unicom have bespoke policies that are tailored to the needs and risks of younger drivers – keeping them, your vehicles and third parties safe while they are on the road. Unicom offers a ’22 to 25’ policy which covers 22 to 25 year olds employed in the motor trade industry. Restrictions may be applied to the policy to limit the engine capacity of the vehicles the young people drive but Unicom’s expert insurance brokers will ensure they are protected against all risks.

Cover for Relatives

On certain policies, insurance cover can be extended to the relatives or spouse of the policy holder. This is done through policy extensions that allow named relatives to drive the vehicles registered on the policy.

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