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With Motor Insurance, Do I Need A Green Card When I Drive Abroad?

Is this necessary for overseas drivers?

Drivers travelling overseas will be required to check for any restrictions, such as ensuring they hold a full UK driving licence – but there may be occasions when you will need to apply for other documentation before you can drive your car overseas legally.

Driving Abroad

For those looking to drive in particular countries outside of the UK, it’s important to check beforehand as your UK driving licence may only prove valid in connection with an International Driving permit. However, if you are interested in bringing your vehicle to certain countries in Europe or will be crossing over European borders, then you may be required to apply for a Green Card prior to travelling.

What is a Green Card?

Recognised in more than 40 countries (including all the countries in Europe), this document is confirmation that proves to border agencies that drivers hold the minimum level of car insurance for their vehicle as required in order to drive on the designated country’s public highway.

Many insurers will grant policyholders with a Green Card for free, however, this is completely dependent on the insurer.

Should you be unable to obtain a Green Card from your designated insurance company, you can still contact other car insurance agencies and apply for a Green Card – even if you do not hold a policy with them.

Is a Green Card needed for driving in Europe?

By law it is not needed to cross borders within the EU, and the same applies for some non-EU countries who are signatory to Section III of the Internal Regulations. The listed countries are as follows: Andorra, Croatia, Iceland, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland (incorporating Liechtenstein).

Yet while a Green Card may not be needed for these non-EU countries, we advise you to check the insurance status before travelling. You may also be able to obtain insurance at the border, but always conduct the relevant research beforehand.

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What about my motor trade insurance policy?

For traders operating with motor trade insurance looking to send a vehicle outside of the EU, then you will definitely need a Green Card – and upon acquiring this document, it should then become finalised as to whether or not coverage will be provided within a certain country.

To allow us to offer the best possible advice, please contact us on 02039915400 where our experts will be able to provide you with detailed knowledge regarding any questions you may have on obtaining a Green Card.

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