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You will need to create a trade account when you first use this system. Please follow the these instructions:

Step 1: Click on "Create an Account"
Then enter your last 6 digits of your Certificate number OR the full cover note number. Enter your insurance policy number.

Step 2. Confirm Policy.
You will then be prompted by a security question. Most likely to ask for the registration of a specific vehicle currently on your policy. If there are no vehicles on the policy it will be a different question.

Step 3. Enter your personal details.
Then create an account.

Step 4. Manage your policy.
On this page you can see a list of all vehicles currently on the policy. You will be able to add a vehicle or remove a vehicle already listed.

Afterwards you must MUST Log Off to complete the process.

When you are ready, click on the button to proceed and open or manage your account.

Open/ manage my account



Public Liability & Employers Liability

Public Liability & Employers Liability Insurance 'tailor made' for your business.


Traders Breakdown

Comprehensive cover for yourself or someone else for cars and vans, quickly and simply.


Tools in Transit Insurance

Introducing our newest product: Tools In Transit Insurance for motor traders and all allied trades.


Garage Insurance

For all your specialist equipment, our Garage Insurance covers everything in your premises.

More Info on Motor Trade Insurance

More info on our motor trade insurance policies:

How does insurance excess work on trade policies?
All motor insurance policies come with a compulsory excess built in.
How Many Vehicles can I add to my Motor Trade Insurance Policy?
Fortunately a motor trade insurance policy has no upper limit
What are the Motor Trade Road Risk Insurance Benefits and Restrictions
Most insurers provide various levels of cover, such as comprehensive, third party only or third party, fire and theft.
Are there no claims bonuses (NCB's) on traders insurance?
No claims bonuses are available to drivers in the motor trade just as they are with private insurance, though there are some differences...
Do you do Motor Trade Insurance Policies for Young Drivers?
Unicom provide customised motor traders insurance for younger drivers, with prices that are more competitive than most.
I drive cars that aren't mine, can I do this under motor trade insurance??
With a motor trade road risks policy, you can guarantee cover to make sure you meet the minimum requirements needed ...
Does Your Trade Insurance Cover Uninsured losses like Loss of Earnings?
Known as Uninsured Loss Recovery (ULR), this is sometimes offered as additional coverage to clients who already hold an existing commercial motor trade policy ...
Do I need to have motor trade insurance by law?
Motor trade insurance is recommended when running a business in the motor trade.
Does your trade insurance policy cover broken windscreens?
If the motor trade policy doesn’t have the windscreen extension this doesn’t mean you can’t claim for the windscreen to be repaired or replaced ...
Can I get Motor Trade Insurance for Commercial Vehicles?
What if you buy and sell commercial vehicles? How does this type of insurance work? ...
What categories of trade fall under the ‘Motor Trade’?
Motor traders require specialist cover, but it’s not always obvious whether or not a business falls into the motor trade category.
Do I need a seperate business premises to be eligible for trade insurance?
some traders might not be sure whether they are covered for their own or their customers’ vehicles if they do not own separate business premises as a place of work.
Requirements for motor trade insurance - FAQs
Some frequently asked questions regarding our trade policy.
More FAQ's here
Can anyone drive on a motor traders policy?
Care must be taken to read the small print of each policy and adhere to any specific limitations. Click the link to find out more...
Are trade plates covered by motor trade insurance?
You'll need cover for your tradeplate, click the link to find out more
Normal Car Insurance Vs Motor Trade Insurance, what's the difference?
How does trade insurance differ from standard domestic car insurance? Well, there are several important differences...

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