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Part Time Motor Trade Insurance

Fill in our quick online form to get a part-time motor trade insurance quote from Unicom. We’re fully authorised by the FCA and our part-time policies are very flexible – letting us create the perfect policy for you to ensure that no aspect of your business is left unprotected.

By filling out this form you agree to our terms and conditions.

Our part time trade insurance policies can include:

  • Stock of vehicles
  • Public & Employer's Liability Cover
  • Multi-premises insurance
  • Personal vehicles protected
  • Vehicles in transit insurance

If you buy or sell vehicles on a part-time basis, get your policy from Unicom Insurance and you'll be free to trade at the auction, from your own driveway and/or anywhere else you list on the package - protected against every associated risk.

Our expert insurance advisors will assess every aspect of your part-time business – making sure your policy includes every feature you need for comprehensive protection. We’ll even remove any features you don’t need to ensure that you’re not paying a penny more than you need to.

We've been shielding car dealers with part-time motor trade insurance for nearly 3 decades so utilise our in-depth industry experience to get the best policy out there.

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